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Profeta X (Jeremiah Isaiah) is an Award-Winning Activist, Artist and Scholar. He is a member of the #GoodTrouble65, wrongfully incarerated for protesting the murder of EMT Breonna Taylor. His musical style is a blend of social justice commentary, vibey beats and tropical love songs. Born to a Southern Black mother and Ecuadorian-Indigenous father, Profeta X prides himself on turning his real life experiences and trauma into relatable verses and hooks.  


As an entrepreneur, Profeta X most recently founded Black Culture Weekly as a means of revolutionizing media through action and support of black businesses, art and innovation. As a proud HBCU graduate, he has been a vocal leader on Reparations for Black Americans and uses his platform to raise collective consciousness on various social justice issues. Growing up he witnessed his own uncle be subject to wrongful incarceration for 15 years on death row before being exonerated. His cousin, protege and fellow artist Bartier Red was also incarcerated, giving him purpose to advocate for marginalized youth around the world through his music.


In 2020, he started Black Culture Academy in Uganda where he supports 11 children with dreams of becoming world renowned dancers and has donated/raised thousands of dollars to their everyday needs and dreams to date. His upcoming music video for “Summer” features his Black Culture Uganda fellows as dancers and Profeta X plans to donate funds from his upcoming album “Spirit Bomb” and accompanying cryptocurrency NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) to the cause. 



aspiration:unlimited LLC, 508.246.2768




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